Federal Authentication Service

U.S. State Dept. Authentication is a process wherein documents issued in one country are authenticated by the issuing country authorities such that the document is deemed legitimate for use abroad . It serves as evidence that the document was issued by the person(s) claiming to execute the document, on the date, and place of execution. A competent official certifies this document to be authentic for international use. i.e. proof that the document is genuine and not fraudulent.

Please Note

The list above is just illustrative of some of the more common documents that we receive for service. There are thousands of other document types that we can get you U.S. State Dept. Authentication.

Common Types of Documents

# Notary Public Services

Document Legalization from United States Department of State, Washington D.C, USA.

We are approved and authorized service agents by the Minesota Secretary of State.

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Need a Power of Attorney?

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